SQLcl: Make NULLs “visible”

One of the nice features in SQL Developer is to be able to define a value to replace NULLs (for display purpose only) in the data grids. Jeff Smith has a blog post about it in case you are interested.

You can achieve something similar in your SQLcl session by using set null some_string.

And here is  the output from a query after setting the system variable.


Which SQLcl build am I running?

This is something I discovered a few minutes ago by pure coincidence and it’s not documented as far as I know.


You can enter version or show version and it will tell you the exact SQLcl build that you’re executing.

Presenting at Oracle Open World 2016


Just a short post to announce that I’ll be presenting an User Group Forum session. Thanks ODTUG!

SQLcl: A Modern Command Line Interface to the Oracle Database [UGF5641]

“In this session learn about the new Java-based command line interface that takes advantage of Oracle SQL Developer’s scripting engine. It delivers a modern command line interface that is backward compatible with SQL*Plus but also introduces new commands and features that have been missing for a long time. In this session, explore the new inline editing, query history, aliasing, output formatting, DDL generation, and scripting options that set SQLcl apart from its predecessor.”

Sunday, Sep 18, 8:00 a.m. – 8:45 a.m.| Moscone South—302

See you there!