SQL Developer 4: JDBC Errors?

Yesterday I installed SQL Developer 4 on a Virtualbox VM that also contains Oracle 11g R2 and SQL Developer 3.2.20. I had no issues installing it; but as soon as I started clicking on anything that required a database connection (which is pretty much everything), the following error showed up.


I went to the preferences and under the Database/Advanced section I found the option where you can choose between the OCI Thick driver or the JDBC Thin driver. My configuration after the initial install was set to use the OCI Thick driver as you can see.


So I cleared the checkbox and everything went back to normal. I know the JDBC Thin driver is the default option, so now I was wondering how come I ended up with the OCI Thick driver instead.

After a few minutes, I realized that my other SQL Developer installation (3.2.20) is using the OCI Thick driver and every time you install a new version of SQL Developer a pop-up window displays asking if you want to copy your existing preferences (which I did). That explained part of the puzzle.

Now I still have to figure out why the OCI Thick driver is working with version 3.2.20 but not working with version 4. Hopefully That Jeff Smith will give me a clue about what’s going on 🙂

Update 07/15/2013: As Jeff suggested in the comments section, a recent version of ocijdbc11.dll (instant client placed into the /sqldeveloper/bin directory fixed the issue. This is a temporary workaround until this is corrected in the GA version.

6 Comments on “SQL Developer 4: JDBC Errors?”

  1. There’s a new button on the preferences – try the ‘test’ to the right of the ‘Use OCI Thick driver’ preference. It will tell you if you have a Client available…just curious what it will tell you.

    Do you have more than one client installed on the machine? What versions and bit levels are we talking about – and this is Linux?

    • gbalda says:


      Here is what I have:

      Virtual Box (4.2.16)
      Windows 7 64-Bit VM
      Oracle 11g R2 Database –> Only Oracle Home
      JDK 7 update 25
      SQL Develope 3.2.20
      SQL Developer 4 EA1

      I did try the test button (forgot to mention that in the post) and it displays “OCI (Thick) connections are available.”

      As I said before the SQL Developer 3.2.20 in the same VM works fine with the OCI Thick driver.

  2. probably won’t cut it – go grab an instant client and copy the ocijdbc11.dll into the /sqldeveloper/bin directory

    4.0 ships with an jdbc driver which is prob why it’s choking on your OCI dll

  3. […] shipping an JDBC driver now, so you’ll need an client to use OCI/thick connections – this will SOON change to 12cR1 driver/client […]

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